Happy Halloween!

Olive the Halloween cat does her impression of the fridge gargoyle.

We carved the world's toughest pumpkins last night. No joke. There were a couple with skin that was more like a hard crust 1/4" thick. I couldn't even saw thru it with a knife... it just kept cracking! They're the first pumpkins we've done since we got our house. Last year we had just moved in 2 weeks before Halloween and didn't have any money left to buy stuff to carve ;)

Kiri the pumpkin slayer.

Dan totally cheated and used the drill on his two little pumpkins... bonus points for the use of pumpkin guts though.

Here are a couple of pictures from the cemetery tour last Saturday. It was freezing and rainy... but still fun. We were the youngest people there. Mostly seniors and then a couple folks that were probably our parents' ages. But it was nice to hear all of the historical info people knew about that the girl giving the tour had never heard of. One guy was related to one of the town's historical figures buried in the first cemetery we went to, which was neat. Since we're still technically new to the area we were happy just to hear what people had to say. Here's a dowsing rod shot:.



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