The one where we catch Kiri eating vegetables...

Okay, not really eating them. More like planning to grow them in our yard and THEN eat them. But I'd have to wash them first. (In homage to Lucy from Peanuts - UCK! Bug spit!) And drown them in 3 inches of Ranch dressing.

If you ever thought growing things in your yard was this benign, thoughtless process... well, let's just say you're wrong. There's all kinds of marketing ploys involved. Such as:
"Our seeds are better! You'll get more plants."
"Who cares about more plants? Ours don't taste like crap. Straight up, yo."
"Who cares what it tastes like? We can help you grow a carrot the size of a redwood tree... if you buy our really expensive organic seaweed fertilizer and this red plastic stuff to put around your plant after the seeds germinate in 14-26 days and the plant has been sown indoors for at least 60 days before setting outside after the frost-free date. Holidays not included."

Oh, and you haven't heard the worst of it. They all have fancy names. A radish can't just be a radish. It has to be something catchy, like a Fire and Ice Radish. Or the Thumbelina Carrot. ::sigh:: It was so much easier when I was planting stuff in plastic containers and drip watering them with Gatorade bottles.

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At 7:46 AM, Blogger John said...

Doing anything simple has become really difficult. Even when we think we are going Old-School, we find ourselves making any activity about buying the best.

That's what so cool about marketing. We used to be able to have a hobby like gardening by buying a dollar worth of seeds at the store and then just dig, add water, weed and then eat,(oh, there was that important step of washing the vegetables also).

Now, every hobby has become specialized so that we can feel better than others.

"How can you dig in your garden without the titanium tipped shovel?"

"What, you don't wear your Peruvian wool gardening apron when you garden?"

"I enjoy gardening so much now that I have the Super-Grow brand ultra hydrating chemical rich moisture solution, water is for peasants that don't love their vegatables."

We're all suckers that are here to buy what makes us feel better than others.

Now if you will excuse me, my coffee cup is empty and I need some more Seattle's Best Henry's Blend coffee, its so much better than Folgers-cause its fair trade and has a picture of a kitty-cat on the package.


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