What happens when you get BBVD?

Not that kind. Get yo' mind outta the gutta. This kind:
Americana Deluxe

Well, you get to relive your high school dayz (in our case at least) and hear stuff from the swing revival. Dan and I volunteered to usher so we could get in free. BBVD is one of my employer's endorsed artists and they were playing at a company-sponsored music education conference, so tickets were cheap anyhow but FREE is our friend. BBVD and Squirrel Nut Zippers have always been some of my favorites so I signed us up and we stood there for a half hr at the beginning telling people not to fall down the steps and then we got to watch a fun concert. They are just as good in person as they are on the CDs. Sound quality was great, they're energetic and animated guys. They played all the popular stuff out of their songbook - Jumpin' Jack, I Wanna Be Like You, You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three, etc.. It's too bad we couldn't get them to sign our CDs. That woulda been icing on the cake, but we were told there wasn't going to be any kind of meet and greet. So we hurried out to eat when it was over and are basically laying around in a heap recovering now. I was pretty impressed - music was good, everybody that came was nice, nobody fell flat on their face coming or going from their seats, and the real auditorium staff was very nice to us "music company folks" who volunteered.

I actually saw my brother's new boss (from yet another music company - are you sensing that this music thing runs in the family yet?), a guy we've known since we started playing in elementary school. He always hooked us up with the good deals on instruments and we played in band and orchestra with his kids all the way up through high school. So it was really nice to see him again after not being in town for years. He still has cool hair, his wife's hair is still a crazy shade of red that looks really good on her, they're still the same neat people. Funny how that works out.

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