So I was going to start Couch to 5K at the beginning of April with a friend. Alas - we live in Indiana, so the first day we were gonna go it was SNOWING!!! And then it's either been freezing cold or raining cats and dogs. But now the weather is nicer and I snagged a new jogging stroller so Wylie can come along for the ride. My friend Ryan's lovely and inspirational wife, Jasmine, has started a C25K buddy challenge on her blog. Go check it out, even if you don't get signed up in time to get matched with a partner you can still play along and learn to run with everybody! I'm actually excited to have more than one person to be accountable to. Even if it's only to shame myself into getting outside more often. Let's see if I can get Dan to join, too.

It'll be fun. Really. If my chubby behind can do try it, you can too :) I have a nearly 2-year-old boy and despite chasing him around everyday, I still have baby flab to lose. Running is practically free (except for shoes and clothes... and a stroller... ha!). No gym membership required. Lace up those shoes and come with!

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The one in which Kiri gets a clean slate.

Welcome, 2011! Thanks for not letting 2010 kick my ass anymore. The rescue was greatly appreciated. On to bigger and better things, like:



Sitting in the big man chair!

and mommy and daddy not killing each other for another year ;D

Oh, and mommy changing her mind about locking the blog. Because then she turns into a lazy bum and doesn't write if she thinks nobody's looking. Bad, bad mama.

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Private Eyes

Are waaatchin' you! Ok, so I decided to make the blog private since I'm posting a lot more stuff about Wylie than crafty things. I'll make a separate public blog for random things later.



Weekend Highlights (Or: Proof that we're suckers)

O hai!

Don't act like you haven't done it too. (PLEASE?!! I know I can't be the only one...) Wander into the pet store or fuzzball adoption place to see if they have a certain kind of critter. I wanted to have Dan rub a puppy crossbred with a poodle on his face and see if it made him sneeze. When we got married and Dan wanted a cat I had to go to the pet store and rub different cats on my face, so it's only fair. Anyhow, supposedly poodles and poodle mixes are good for people with dog allergies. But then we got to see this cute little cotton ball of a dog that doesn't shed and is hypoallergenic, or at least as much as a dog can manage all that. We really wanted to get a dog for Wylie for some reason. Probably to clean up all the food he drops ;) So here's our Coton de Tulear puppy named Butterscotch. Three days of living with us and sleeping on Dan in bed and it looks like he can stay. Best part: no fur laying around and he eats all the Cheerios off the floor! Win-win situation.

And in other things we did this weekend, here's daddy trapped outside with the lawn mower with Wylie laughing at him. Classic.

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Ok, I caved...

We went to swim in Grammy's big pool on Sunday for Father's Day. Stinky's not too sure about it. At first he was excited, then daddy accidentally dunked his face in the water and the pool tasted gross! Anyhow, here's a pic:
And life wouldn't be complete if we didn't get a picture of the three stooges together:That's Uncle Jason doing his famous "I'm not touching you" routine. He's done that since he was about 7 or 8 and is still fascinated by it at 25. It was particularly annoying on all the 20+ hour car trips to see our grandparents in Florida. Boys will be boys, right?

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Please don't nom the garden hose.

"But mommmmm... it's tasty!"
Last weekend it was so darn hot out. And don't get me started on the humidity... you could swim from the porch to the mailbox! Yuck. We took this opportunity to blow up Wylie's brand new wading pool, fill it up and plop him in it. Poor little fella. He probably expected it to be warm like the bathtub, but it was pretty chilly. He sat down in it and then promptly fell over face first trying to scramble back out. You can imagine how everybody going past our house gave us dirty looks for trying to drown our screaming infant on our front lawn, right? Did I mention I bought him a foam padded floaty swimsuit so he looked like a pint sized blue Michelin man?? The old people who stare at us from across the street had a field day, I'm sure. Wylie finally decided it was nicer to be in the wading pool than outside in the hot sun and a good time was had by all. He splashed around until we decided too much of his sunblock was floating in the pool and it would no longer prevent him from turning into the filling of a little floaty swimsuit s'more. He was pretty disappointed to get captured in a towel and whisked into the house again. We're trying to get him ready to go in Grammy Vicki's big swimming pool later this summer. I think he needs a few more dips in the little pool first, though.
BTW: Stinky is 10 months old TODAY! :) How time flies.

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8 Months Later: Teeth, walking and other new things.

Yeah, so teeth. Not fun. We had this sweeeet little boy who started sleeping through the night and then - TEETH! Two in the same week. And now he's got FOUR on the top, all lined up, all poking their sharp little corners through his gums. And he's super cranky. Hopefully they will poke the rest of the way in this week and he can settle down a bit. If you haven't done teeth yet, please trust me when I suggest buying a bajillion boxes of Baby Orajel Nighttime Formula. It totally rocks - has a higher amount of pain killer than the regular version, so we don't have to re-slather as often and it takes effect faster. Some people swear by the teething tablets, but this little fella just didn't want any of that for whatever reason. I was so hoping those would work, too. Mass quantities of baby Tylenol and ibuprofen didn't really work either. I actually longed for the first three months where he screamed for a bottle every 45 minutes! Holy. Cow.
I went to the dentist last Tuesday for a whopping hour and a half and my mom, who was watching Mr. Stinky, got bored and taught him how to walk while holding on to something in front of him. This seemed really awesome until we realized that all he wants to do is stand up and walk now. And when he goes to bed he wants to sleep on his stomach and stick his butt way up in the air... so at least part of him is UP. Crazy munchkin.
Stinky got the go-ahead to start solid foods at 4 months. He still gets bottles, but is now a fan of such delicacies as Pear Strawberry Granola and Sweet Potato Corn Medley. Oh, and he's taken up finger painting with his food too. Always good to find a hobby early in life, right?

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