Blue Pull Tab Hat

Okay, here it is. The hat I slaved over on Superbowl Sunday and worked on during my lunch hour the last couple days. It was about to become a UFO, but finally got finished on Friday. The bulk of the pattern is based on the Jayne Beanie (link to PDF) and then after 3+" of ribbing I switched to stockinette in the round. Then I evenly decreased 14 stitches per round and knitted in a little tab at the top for it to hang from (not much closet or shelf space in this new apartment, lemme tell ya...). So it has a nice place on a thumb tack in the closet until I figure out who to give it to.

The yarn was handspun from a fabulous craftster! I'm still making good use of that yarn from the handspun swap this summer. This one has lots of blues, some green and a bit of pink. Perfect for Project Spectrum, right?

And here is the obligatory meezer oral hygiene picture:

Beeble doesn't like getting his teeth brushed. Not even with his Barbie toothbrush and chicken flavored toothpaste. Ben doesn't mind as much, though.

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No, not like when you play pool. More like when the clean slate version.

Where did I go? The short answer is that I got a new job, moved 200 miles, and am starting completely over. With Dan and the meezers, of course! Can't leave them behind. ;) The longer version is that I left school, interviewed a bunch of places hoping to find something full time, then took a gamble on a music manufacturer in Northern Indiana and we packed everything up in less than a week so I wouldn't miss my start date. The people I work with now are really fun and there's tons of opportunities to play music. We really miss our friends back in Bloomington, though. (Hi guys!!! XO) We didn't have cable and internet until this morning, so no emails and no blogging... hence the disappearing act.

We tried really hard to get internet access back before Project Spectrum started, but the stupid Comcast people weren't down with that. So I have a few days of catching up to do reading everybody's blogs and looking at their projects. Did some knitting on Super Bowl Sunday that's going to count for my project-- a hat made of handspun yarn and so far there's about 4" of it on the needles. Pictures as soon as we find the camera cable! There is also a quilt in the works. I've been piecing the top a little at a time, but don't have a table to put my sewing machine on since we moved. No countertop or anything! Can you believe it? This is the first apartment we've lived in that doesn't have a countertop or a built in bar thingy to sit at. Anyhow, once we find a table it'll be back to sewing.

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