Before all the critters eat my hard work we decided to drag some of our tomatoes and peppers inside this morning. Here's the harvest so far:

Jalapeno peppers

Mr. Stripey tomatoes (not exactly stripey yet...)

Random peppers that were supposed to be Hungarian Hot or some other such spiciness.

And on to what's left in the garden... L to R we have Lemon Thyme, Lavender, and down in front is some corn. I kid you not. Actual corn. Growing in a cheapy plastic craft box.

All the plants. Except for the Cayenne peppers in the window box :)

Rose. Duh.

And now we come to the Kroger $5 specials:

The End!



I'm a pirate ;) Okay, not so much. But here is the latest yarn booty:

10" grinch...

It's some of the first stuff I did on the spinning wheel and finally decided to get it off the Lazy Kate and set the twist. It's purple wool with some red fibers and yellow flecks carded in, scavenged from a drop spindle disaster. I thought I'd rescue it from it's boring life and make it into something feltable. Not quite sure what, though. Maybe the tea panties from Spindlicity?

Anyhow, there is much more spinning to do because I joined a Craftster spinning swap. That means more wheel time... now to figure out how to do that with 2 cats in the house. Ugh.


Socker Player

Yeah, with a K. Work with me, people! ;) One sock down, one left to go. This is that Dublin Bay lace-legged number I've been working on once in a while.

Here it is on Michelle's dainty little foot:

And here's a closeup of the lace pattern:

And here's my favorite part (the heel):

And on a high note, I FINALLY have a desk to put my computer on! Now we can actually eat at the counter. (Or I can put my sewing machine on it, whatever... hehe)


Like a Bad Flip Book

Or: "What I did on my Summer Vacation Part I"

Dan and I just had to get this inflatable sea dragon for my dad's birthday/Father's Day present. We found it at Kroger and waited... until it was a mere $2, then we gleefully took it the checkout and dragged it home. Okay, so maybe a bit too gleefully. But it was just one of these deals you can't pass up. Last week we went to visit the parents finally and showed up baring our inflatable sea dragon. To celebrate the 4th of July, t'was decided that we should blow up the dragon and go play in the pool. And when they said 'we' should blow it up they meant 'me':
And here's what it looked like floating around on its maiden voyage:
And now on to the flip book of doom:

"I have an idea!"

"Climb on here, John!"

"Oh, yay, what fun! Happy Birthday to me!!!"
(omit this one and it'll look more like a flipbook)

"Hang on and I'll push you..."



"Hehehe... now that's entertainment!"