So I was going to start Couch to 5K at the beginning of April with a friend. Alas - we live in Indiana, so the first day we were gonna go it was SNOWING!!! And then it's either been freezing cold or raining cats and dogs. But now the weather is nicer and I snagged a new jogging stroller so Wylie can come along for the ride. My friend Ryan's lovely and inspirational wife, Jasmine, has started a C25K buddy challenge on her blog. Go check it out, even if you don't get signed up in time to get matched with a partner you can still play along and learn to run with everybody! I'm actually excited to have more than one person to be accountable to. Even if it's only to shame myself into getting outside more often. Let's see if I can get Dan to join, too.

It'll be fun. Really. If my chubby behind can do try it, you can too :) I have a nearly 2-year-old boy and despite chasing him around everyday, I still have baby flab to lose. Running is practically free (except for shoes and clothes... and a stroller... ha!). No gym membership required. Lace up those shoes and come with!

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