8 Months Later: Teeth, walking and other new things.

Yeah, so teeth. Not fun. We had this sweeeet little boy who started sleeping through the night and then - TEETH! Two in the same week. And now he's got FOUR on the top, all lined up, all poking their sharp little corners through his gums. And he's super cranky. Hopefully they will poke the rest of the way in this week and he can settle down a bit. If you haven't done teeth yet, please trust me when I suggest buying a bajillion boxes of Baby Orajel Nighttime Formula. It totally rocks - has a higher amount of pain killer than the regular version, so we don't have to re-slather as often and it takes effect faster. Some people swear by the teething tablets, but this little fella just didn't want any of that for whatever reason. I was so hoping those would work, too. Mass quantities of baby Tylenol and ibuprofen didn't really work either. I actually longed for the first three months where he screamed for a bottle every 45 minutes! Holy. Cow.
I went to the dentist last Tuesday for a whopping hour and a half and my mom, who was watching Mr. Stinky, got bored and taught him how to walk while holding on to something in front of him. This seemed really awesome until we realized that all he wants to do is stand up and walk now. And when he goes to bed he wants to sleep on his stomach and stick his butt way up in the air... so at least part of him is UP. Crazy munchkin.
Stinky got the go-ahead to start solid foods at 4 months. He still gets bottles, but is now a fan of such delicacies as Pear Strawberry Granola and Sweet Potato Corn Medley. Oh, and he's taken up finger painting with his food too. Always good to find a hobby early in life, right?

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