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Yeah, I've been a pretty lax little blogger for a while. But I have an excuse! Really, I swear I do! Wolfie and I now have one of these:
Tilt your head to the right and you'll see a cute little profile above. That's our son (Wolfe cub?)! Due to hatch sometime in the last half of August. His official EDD is 9/2/09, but after his photo shoot they've decided he's actually a couple weeks ahead of that. It's been a wild few months since we found out we were going to have him at Xmas. My cousin and I are hyperemesis buddies now - lucky for her she's due in a month so she'll be ok again soon. I still have a ways to go. But our munchkin is healthy and the doctor says he's a really good swimmer, so as long as he's fine I'll take whatever pills the doc wants me to to keep him that way.

We've been crazy nesters since March. Tore out our bathroom and replaced the shower surround, plastered, painted (thanks Mom! I didn't have to sniff paint fumes)... now it looks like we'll need to take the tile floor out because it's cracking pretty badly. The girls I used to work with get a laugh out of all the remodeling going on. But hey, if you can't eat like a pregnant girl you gotta do something else to occupy yourself. Dan rearranged the basement and rewired some of the electrical, so the ubernesting rubbed off on him too. Poor guy.

Also making little boy hats, crib sheets and other baby accessories. I made myself wait until we knew what "flavor" we were having to get started making stuff. Glad , too. Otherwise I would have been making girly outfits and having to give them all away! Sadly most of my yarn/fiber/fabric stash is less than gender neutral. Oh well. I got a cloth diaper kit in the mail this morning, so that'll be this week's project. We figured we'd give cloth a shot because we'll be trying to have a budget baby. And it gives me something to entertain myself with during the day if I have stuff to work on. We haven't had to do a whole lot of decorating - didn't have to paint his room because it was already blue and we've just now started getting furniture and other larger necessities. Putting together the stroller from Dan's parents was a real eye opener though. It kind of freaked me out some because I started to realize the little guy's going to actually sit in there everytime we go someplace for the next 3-4 years. Eeek! I don't care what anybody says about how exciting pregnancy is. We're scared out of our minds.

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