Please don't nom the garden hose.

"But mommmmm... it's tasty!"
Last weekend it was so darn hot out. And don't get me started on the humidity... you could swim from the porch to the mailbox! Yuck. We took this opportunity to blow up Wylie's brand new wading pool, fill it up and plop him in it. Poor little fella. He probably expected it to be warm like the bathtub, but it was pretty chilly. He sat down in it and then promptly fell over face first trying to scramble back out. You can imagine how everybody going past our house gave us dirty looks for trying to drown our screaming infant on our front lawn, right? Did I mention I bought him a foam padded floaty swimsuit so he looked like a pint sized blue Michelin man?? The old people who stare at us from across the street had a field day, I'm sure. Wylie finally decided it was nicer to be in the wading pool than outside in the hot sun and a good time was had by all. He splashed around until we decided too much of his sunblock was floating in the pool and it would no longer prevent him from turning into the filling of a little floaty swimsuit s'more. He was pretty disappointed to get captured in a towel and whisked into the house again. We're trying to get him ready to go in Grammy Vicki's big swimming pool later this summer. I think he needs a few more dips in the little pool first, though.
BTW: Stinky is 10 months old TODAY! :) How time flies.

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