Mailbox Bonanza!

Just finished up one summer class this week! I'm so happy. No more finance for me. Take that, school! mwah haha >:}

So I wandered over to the mailbox and found not one, but TWO surprises from my fabulous and very generous Secret Pal!!!! It's officially a good day, folks.

One package had tons of good-smelling candles, lotion, and body scrub for destressing from the rest of school/work stuff. Mmm, vanilla! There's also a candle that smells like cake batter and two bright-colored candles from a company in Hawaii that smell nice and fruity. LOVE IT! I'll definitely be using it soon.

Package number two was full of knitting coolness. I got nice bamboo needles (a set of circs and some nice big straights). There's also some great yarn to make something sparkly and colorful with (I think you're right -- it would make a beautiful shawl!). Last, but not least, there was "The Knitter's Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements" booklet for all of those last-minute LYS trips or to match stash to project AND a Wonder Knitter to make jewelry or miles of cord! Thankyou, SP! You've really outdone yourself. :) I love all the goodies. I'm going to look for a shawl pattern right away!

Loads of GOODIES from my Secret Pal! Posted by Hello


More goodies!!!

Thankyou, SP! Yesterday I went to the mailbox and found an exciting bundle... a FELTING KIT!!!! It's very cool. And I got a sheep Pez and a sheep tape measure. How cute is that? I'm really going to enjoy learning how to needle felt. Oh, and to answer your question: flowers. It was a difficult decision. I thought about it all night and that's the conclusion I came to ;P lol



Honey, I shrunk the kids... and made them furry.

Surprise!!!!! Here's our new "children"! So far so good. We've managed to hide them from the maintenance folks. The place we live in now doesn't allow pets, but we're moving in 2 weeks. So we thought we'd sneak them in for a little bit. I mean, they're quiet, they don't make much of a mess, and it's not like the neighbors see us walking them in and out of the apartment several times a day (::ahem:: guy upstairs).
Check 'em out. Got the black and white one on Sunday and the brown and white one on Tuesday!

Here's Ruby! Isn't she cute? Such a cuddle bunny, too. Posted by Hello

Here's Anna! She needed a bath. Posted by Hello

SP5 in the Hizz-ouse!

What I got from my fabulous Secret Pal over the weekend: some rockin' scrubby bath mitts and this wonderfully scented soap! Thankyou, SP :) Posted by Hello


Verdict Watch...

Yes, I'm glued to the TV watching the verdict. And it is: not guilty on all counts. I don't know what to think, so I'm not sayin' nuthin'. Guess that's the end of that.

THANKYOU to my Secret Pal for the bath goodies they sent me! I absolutely love them :) They're faaaaaaaabulous. I'll post a pic as soon as I get some other pressing items taken care of. You know, the usual - homework, cleaning, work.

And I have a surprise up my sleeve. But that's for later ;)