Look what's growing on my porch! (And no, it's NOT a fungus...)It's a real live rosebush. That I got from Walmart :) hehe Anyhow, it's called Angel Face and it's a Floribunda, meaning it has too many petals for its own good. But it smells nice and looks pretty.

X-treme closeup:

How's THAT for proof that my green thumb didn't die after teaching gardening skills to Kindergarteners last summer? Mwah haha...

Oh, and here's the object of my most recent picture stalking attempts - it's a hummingbird. You can hardly see him through the window screen unless the picture's tiny, so I circled him. Or her. I'm not sure which one it is, but there are some baby hummingbirds around, too... they look like fat green bumblebees!Next time I'll hold the camera over my head and shoot thru the glass instead of trying to sit at my computer and shoot thru the screen in the window. Darn things move so fast that it's hard to get a good shot.


T-Shirt Recon

I have oodles of t-shirts in my closet. Most of them IU shirts, too... so I decided to sacrifice some of them. I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and make a reconstructed skirt.

Here's the whole she-bang:

Here's a (crappy) closeup of the elastic ruching on my right:

And here's the logo from the original shirt on the left side (backwards cuz it's in the mirror):

It's a flaming skeleton riding a bicycle-- the Little 500 logo for the team of guys who rode for my old dorm (Collins) Should JP, Charles, Whitney, Luke or anybody else on the team ever find this I might be in trouble... but then again I WAS the loopy textiles person for 2 years, so they might not think it's too weird.

Anyhow, nothing special. Just two shirts with the necks, sleeves, and bottom hems chopped off, then re-stitched up the sides to fit better and sewn together at the top to make them stay attached to each other. The ruching is just a long piece of elastic tacked at the waist, stretched, and then sewn in a curvy shape to the bottom of the layer. Then off ya go!