T-Shirt Recon

I have oodles of t-shirts in my closet. Most of them IU shirts, too... so I decided to sacrifice some of them. I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and make a reconstructed skirt.

Here's the whole she-bang:

Here's a (crappy) closeup of the elastic ruching on my right:

And here's the logo from the original shirt on the left side (backwards cuz it's in the mirror):

It's a flaming skeleton riding a bicycle-- the Little 500 logo for the team of guys who rode for my old dorm (Collins) Should JP, Charles, Whitney, Luke or anybody else on the team ever find this I might be in trouble... but then again I WAS the loopy textiles person for 2 years, so they might not think it's too weird.

Anyhow, nothing special. Just two shirts with the necks, sleeves, and bottom hems chopped off, then re-stitched up the sides to fit better and sewn together at the top to make them stay attached to each other. The ruching is just a long piece of elastic tacked at the waist, stretched, and then sewn in a curvy shape to the bottom of the layer. Then off ya go!


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