Knit Wit.

Man, I could only dream of having this kind of dedication. Check out these chicks on Craftster and the Knit Lit blog. Weeks of swatching, ripping, and repeating. All in the name of beating the system and replicating a totally cute bag instead of shelling out a boatload of cash. A totally cute FERRAGAMO bag!* These are some ambitious gals. I can't wait to see what they come up with. Must. Find. Yarn. I know somebody who would love one of those as a present. Or I could just make one and keep it for a change. Hmm. Me likely that idea.

*This is what happens when you wear designer suits that somebody else (read: MOMMY) bought you to interviews all week... you get pricey things that you don't usually care about and probably can't ever afford on the brain ;)


At 11:44 PM, Anonymous kate said...

hey kiri! thanks for the linky poo! yeah, obsession is a scary thing...but the fake-a-gamo is worth it! such fun...


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