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It's Friday, but is it the 13th?! Geesh. (Please note: 'Tis not a crafty post today. Beware.)

10:50 am
Get up, eat yogurt, get cup of juice, go putz on the internet.

11:05 am
Attempting to hang up a poster in the office next to my computer and set down the box of thumbtacks, setting off a chain reaction in the process... the open drawer fell out of the desk, so I picked it up and put it back, which then caused my cup (brimming with cranberry-cherry juice!) to splatter all over the carpet. So it looks like somebody eviscerated a morbidly obese leprechaun on my WHITE carpet. Go through a container and a half of that Oxy Deep spray (which is FABULOUS, btw) -- no more slaughtered-leprechaun look to the carpet. Yay! Then hear mysterious crunching noise... cat is eating thumbtacks. Whack cat on back of head, causing it to spit out thumbtacks, glare at me and retreat to top of laser printer. Return to checking email and Googling random things.

11:30 am
Bathroom break. Use Dan's bathroom that has cat box in it, so door stays open a crack in case cat needs in too. Cat bursts through the door, leaving it pretty much wide open. Ignore and return to job at hand ;) Heart stops as there is a knock at the front door. Ignore knock, thinking it's probably the FedEx guy, continue about my business. Front door opens, maintenance guys walk in to do pest control spraying (!!!!!!) whilst yours truly is camped out on the toilet in her bra and undies with the bathroom door seriously ajar.

12:45 pm
Finally see humor of the situation(s), decide to share morbid embarrassment with blog-reading public.

So you can see how my day has started. Crus. Tee. Gotta go do something productive now to prevent the usual curling up into a ball and crying that should accompany these types of events. :)


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