Good Lawd....

That's alotta pictures!

Here's our new bubby, Sophie.

Here's our Christmas tree.

And here's the pile of flannel pants I've been sewing. I swear, my kitchen is now a snuggly flannel sweatshop...

This is what they look like. Not spectacularrrrrrr (sorry, too much South Park), but they're not bad for 99 cents a yard. Hey, I had to get up at 5am to get to the fabric store for 17 different kinds of flannel -- multiply that by 3 yards apiece and then add 35 yards of elastic for waistbands... EWE!

(Please ignore how my butt blocks out our entire 6 ft. tall X-mas tree.)

Only like 8 more pairs left to sew. It's gonna be a long week. Also hafta finish off my Holiday Sock Swap socks... they're slightly overdue, but I told my sock pal that I was running late.
Oh, and to the lovely person who made me socks - I'm dying to open the package! It's so hard to wait until Xmas. So. hard. ;)


At 1:45 PM, Blogger Sonya said...

Thanks for noticing the absence....how have you been as well...how did your socks come out?


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