Sonya, you are amazing! Fabulous! Stupendous, even :)
I made Dan tumble out of the car to check the mail after school tonight and he comes back with a nice package.... for me! Mwahahaha. So after whimpering about wanting to open it the whole time we're putting away groceries, I finally rip that puppy open and inside is a BEAUTIFUL blue noodle. It even brought a friend along from its trip -- a lovely journal.
Here's how it looks on:
Thankyou, Sonya! I can't even begin to tell you how perfect it is. So stretchy and bouncy and BLUE!!!! :) It's gonna be worn a whole lot and very very loved.

In other news today, here is another picture of silly Ben. He decided he needed to lick the bowl while I was throwing dinner in the oven. Tell me that's not the most guilty little face ever...

Please excuse the ginormous box of Tampax in the background (hey, it was grocery night!).


At 7:55 AM, Blogger Sonya said...

Glad to see your RUFFLER MUFFLER made it. I sure do like the way it looks on you....I still like it long....what about you?


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