Designing Wumun

Inspired by Denyse Schmidt's loverly book, I sketched up some stuff last night. Once midterms are over I'm gonna be on sewing overdrive! It's my goal to make presents for as many people as I can this year. That way people who like handmade keepsake-y thangs can have them and people like my dad, my in-laws, my brother and Dan can get a decent present. I have OODLES of fabric to use up. And if I successfully accomplish that we all know what that means... NEW fabric! Woo hoo! Dan's probably horrified by that prospect, but I hafta put up with his sci-fi/comic/video game addictions so it's only fair for me to get yarn and fabric.

So I'm watching Ghost Hunters right now. It's quite entertaining - they're at an abandoned prison in Ohio. Lucy's behaving and sitting here on the couch with me. Little tiny Ben is passed out on a chair. And yes, Ben's totally OK now. We picked him up on Dan's birthday last Thursday night. The company that makes the vaccines the vet gave him has supposedly agreed to reimburse us for his medical expenses. The vet said we just have to agree to some basic things like a) not suing them in the future for this incident and b) not bad-mouthing them. But when they send me whatever it is we're supposed to sign I'm going over that puppy with a fine-toothed comb and then bribing my law school buddies to look over it for us (hey, I figure Tif's had contract law already and she might be able to help me if it's hard to understand).

Gina -- your scarf is growing more and more every night :) When we get our digicam back later this week I'll post a picture on SYNO. Hopefully I'll be on ball #4 by then! It's so pretty... I'm thinking about making some of those for X-mas maybe. Of course they'll have to be knit in overdrive, seeing as I'm being slow with the knitting lately.


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