It's Kanye time, ya'll.

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Can you say Ye?

Much to my dear, sweet husband's dismay... I have Kanye. Pre-ordered it on iTunes and got it this morning. Care to join me, Disey? (<--My college roomie and fellow Kanye fan. Dan sometimes jokingly refers to her as the "other wife"). I personally enjoy "Gold Digger" because it smacks of his first album, but am getting used to the rest of the new album bit by bit. Old Kanye was good times. Di went with me to get fitted for a bridesmaid dress last summer and we totally terrorized Northwest Indiana with "Workout Plan" when it came on Power 92. I think carloads of soccer moms and elderly people were waiting in horror for my Jeep to lift up off the ground and bounce like a hoop-dee or something we had it up so loud. Ah, youth... ;)

ALSO, today is BlogDay. Go ahead, try it yourself!
Here are FOUR of my FIVE recommendations:

Go see Lee Anne at Stampin' Along! She's also a recently-wed fiber artist and is an all-around sweet gal. (More on Lee Anne later this week!)

Visit Dioramarama and their Modern Quilt Along. They got me hooked on the new book and it's a must for hip quilters everywhere.

Check out the enterprising 8-year-old Delaney, who is decorating old horseshoes and selling them to save up money to buy her very own horse. Now that's a little girl who's determined to get a pony! If only I'd thought of that when I was her age, man. I wouldn't be trying to figure out ways to use my student loan money for one... tee hee.

Horse Hate isn't really a blog, but it cracks me up. Reminds me of Joy's horse, Foxy... crotchety, but loveable all the same (please don't ban me from the barn for that, Joy!).

And I'll think of another one later... too tired!

Now back to the regularly scheduled reading for enviro chem. Who knew toxicology would be so much fun?


At 8:10 PM, Blogger COD said...

Thanks for the link to Horseshues.com. Delaney needs to sell a few more horseshues to get that horse :)

Chris (dad/webmaster)

Oh, and Go Purdue :)


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