Bloody Finger

So I pulled an "Ison" today at work. That's what we affectionately call chopping off part of your hand on my mom's side of the family. My grandma chopped off part of her fingertip making dinner once, then my uncle stuck his hand in the snowblower and got part of his finger whacked off... and this morning I Ison'd myself a new flap on the pad of my thumb :( Uck. Valuable lesson learned: Never try to make masks for small children and use scissors to punch holes for eyes. Anyhow, I went to the Med-Point thing right down the highway and they glued me back together with DermaBond. And they gave me a tetanus shot. And the university picked up the bill!!!! Woo hoo! That totally cancels out the thumb chopping, right? FREE thumb chopping care. ;)


At 8:58 PM, Blogger Your secret pal.... said...


I did the same thing years (and years... and years) ago when we were moving from one house to another in Michigan. My mother felt the need to cut all buttons off shirts before getting rid of the shirts (is that evil, or what?). So here I am, possibly 13 years old (i.e. old enough to know better), and I wind up cutting a nice little flap on my left thumb with my mother's mega-sharp Fiskars.

Yeah, I was a bright one.


Hope it heals soon!!


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