Vintage Velvet + Calculus = Square Root of All Evil

So I'm dilligently working away on repeat #2 of Gina's Vintage Velvet scarf for SYNO. Never knew that Muench Touch Me yarn was so darn soft and pretty! I've been buying my chenille by the cone for about 4 years now because it's cheaper that way if you weave it, but this Muench yarn totally blows cone chenille out of the water. I think I'll be hoarding this stuff once I get some more money.

On a less fuzzy and happy note, I got my textbook for the Mathematics for Environmental Science class in the mail today...

Yes, it's CALCULUS! Oh, woe is me. Thankfully my husband has a degree in mathematics and doesn't mind me asking him TONS of questions. I never would have made it throught my first semester of statistics last year if he'd gone ahead with that art major, that's for sure!


At 8:09 PM, Blogger Your secret pal.... said...

Is there a link for SYNO? I've been meaning to ask one of the girls at my LYS who's in it, but keep forgetting when I actually see her.

I have all the items for your last package. I hate that it's the last package. This has been so much fun! Before I send it off, do you have any final requests? I have a feeling you'll really enjoy this package. Yay!! :)

Good luck with the calculus (I hated calc with a passion)!! Thank heavens for wonderful people in our lives who help us through horrendous classes like that!


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