Choppy Waters Ahead

So IU's back in full swing and we all survived our first day of classes. Today I had an intro GIS course and enviro chem. The GIS course is up in the air... I might drop it. It's taught by a PhD student who "forgot" to bring the syllabus and the first assignment to class, so he mumbled at us for an hour and then told us there was no point into coming to the labs, so just show up on Thursday nights and do all of our labwork on our own time. What the heck is that? My tuition pays your tuition, pal. TEACH or SOMETHING! Sorry, that's my only rant of the day, I swear. Enviro chem was cool. The lady who teaches it got her MSES back when my mom was in the program (mid '70s), so she's kind of earthy and a nerdy hippy ;)

In crafting news:
Starting a quilt or two from the Modern Quilting Workshop book soon! Got all of my fabrics together. Just need to prewash, iron, and cut the pieces. Then I'll be well on my way to sewing bliss on Friday morning. No classes, so it's gonna be crafting day every Friday. Well, that and cleaning day. Oh, also have 4 1/2 repeats of Gina's Vintage Velvet done and I've started on ball #2 of that soft and lovely yarn she sent for SYNO.

And last, but not least -- my gal pal CJ down in Baton Rouge. CJ, I hope you're ok! I'll be calling you shortly to make sure you and the kitty didn't float away. Hopefully all is well with Di, Sarah, my Secret Pals and everybody else in that area also. Love you girls!


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