Technical Difficulties

I actually got some projects done this weekend, I swear! But I have no proof. You see, our digital camera DIED. I had to pack it up and send it to the Canon repair center in Illinois. Or rather I packed it up and Dan took it to the post office. At any rate, it should be under warranty because it's only 4 mos. old and hopefully they'll get it back to us in a week and a half.

In crafty news, I finished one quilt top from Amy Butler fabric and have everything laid out for another. They're throw sized, but should make decent Xmas presents. Now if only that lady at the sewing supply place would call me and tell me my walking foot is in... geesh. It's been 3 weeks! What the heck?! That's the absolute last time I pay for something that's being put on order, I'm telling you. Between that and the part for my car, I don't understand what the hold up is.

I now have almost all of the yarn I ordered. A bajillion skeins of sari silk (mostly reddish/magenta) and a box of recycled sky blue angora-cashmere blend. Still waiting on 3 balls of sari silk and some water buffalo bone circular knitting needles. Yes, I'm a total bioanthropology nerd... hand me a bone any day and I'll be a happy girl. And I'm totally aware that that just sounded kinda dirty ;) Sorry, that's what happens when your cat wakes you up too early and you're sleep deprived - ya get goofy.

Speaking of sleep, I took a nap yesterday evening and woke up to several dozen chocolate chip cookies. Apparently Danny Boy got bored and decided to raid our cabinet of baking supplies. They're so tasty! The only drawback is that Dan doesn't really eat sugar, so we're either gonna have to give a bunch of them away or my butt's gonna get huge.... lol

Ok, off to jump in the shower. Might go geode hunting later today. Yes, that's totally a Midwestern geek thing to do, but pretty rocks are pretty cool people! :)


At 8:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw, Sorry to here about your camera...I hate it when that happents!

How cute...He bakes...and he baked chocolate cookies at that, my fave!

BTW: would you mind emailing me your address, my email ate it up. Also, is there any knitting project that you want to learn to knit, or a pattern that you have been wanting?

Your Backtack II Buddy!


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