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Finally, huh? Just wanted to post some knitting tidbits to reassure people that I do actually do crafty things... really! I don't just work and study. ;)

This is from my incredible Secret Pal (whom I hope to "meet" very soon in order to properly thank them). They sent me oodles of great knitting gadgets over the summer, including this cool needle case and lots of the goodies in it. I just wanted to post this so faboo SP knows I'm a grateful recipient and that thanks to them, now all my knitting duds are organized!

Here's the shawl from Weekend Knits that's been slowly growing since last year. I started it around midterms so that I wouldn't lose my mind and got it half way done. Since then progress has been super slow. And yes, that is Lion Brand yarn. It has pretty colors, people! Color pallet over yarn snobbery.

Lucy Goosey approves of its softness, but says mommy needs to finish it so those pokey needle things can go away. Mommy concurs.

And this is for my mom so that she knows I put up the cool hanging lamp she gave me. I almost knocked over the TV and Jason and Dan laughed their asses off, but it's up and running! Thankyou to my father-in-law for getting a job that taught me how to use power tools -- otherwise our whole apartment would be bare. And my momma wouldn't have any curtain rods up in her house, either. ;)


At 10:03 PM, Blogger Your secret pal.... said...

Let me know if you've figured out the cheesy clue I put up on my blog. It's lame, and might take some digging. I am so glad you're happy with the gifts!! :)


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