Silence is Golden

Or just a sign of laziness, depends on how you look at it. ;) Three weeks of school down, something like 13 more weeks left to go.

My foray back into quilting started out very well. All of my fabric was ironed and pieces were cut. I even got a nicer sewing machine just for the purposes of making X-mas presents (it has ETS! no more threading by hand... YAY!). But alas, my machine piecing is gradually getting worse and worse. My quarter-inch seams are lovely, but somehow a bazillionth of an inch here and there made the middle rows of small blocks longer than the big blocks of the evil Zipper quilt. Don't get me wrong, I love the colors and everything. One day it will grow up to be a gorgeous quilt. But right now it's pushin' my buttons, damnit! Not cool. And I'm just anal enough to want to grab my stitch ripper and redo those little blocks. Think maybe I'll sleep on it and decide in the morning. But I don't see how else to be happy with it in the end if I don't. Ugh. Pictures tomorrow after I figure out what to do.

In the realm of too-bad-so-sad things: Spike bit the big fishhook in the sky this week. And Lucy is in mourning. She sits on top of the cabinets and looks where his bowl used to be. I think she thought he was a toy... she'd curl up around his bowl and poke at him. Never tried to eat him, just smush him through the glass. So now Lucy pouts on top of every piece of cardboard she can find. No joke. Cardboard box, cardboard thingy that came in the mail, box of food... just curls up and sticks her chin out like a little kid. Poor kitty.


At 9:45 PM, Blogger Lee Anne said...

Oh your poor little kitty! It's always so tough to lose a pet...of any kind.

I can understand about the quilt. I have yet to try my hand at this becuase I think I would go insane. Sleeping on it is a very good thing to do!

Have fun with school!!!!!
Lee Anne


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