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So this one will be even more picture heavy than my last post... if that's possible.

This weekend Gina's Vintage Velvet scarf rocked out at the Rib America Fest in Indy! Check it out.

It jammed to Cowboy Mouth and Ted Nugent. And no, I didn't use it as a napkin. Really, I swear! I only got a few rows done before it got too dark to see anything, but it still made the voyage and hung out in Military Park downtown.

And my obsession with Halloween was only made more apparent when Dan caught me throwing this tasty treat into our cart at Target...
Yes, it does exist. Jones Soda in tiny cans with Halloween candy flavors. Like Candy Corn, Carmel Apple, Strawberry Slime, and Berry Scary Lemonade. How great is that, I ask you? If Dan and I could have tolerated having our wedding on a weekday, we so would have gotten married on Halloween this year instead of St. Patrick's Day. But who wants to party down on a Sunday or Monday and then have to go right back to class the next day? Not I.

Here is some more fiber arts goodness for ya.

I'm gonna make my very own quilt from Modern Quilting Workshop! Woo hoo! I've got enough pieces cut to make either a Zipper quilt in any size. Can I tell you how excited I am? My stash of batiks has a purpose now. I need to get atleast 2 more fabrics, if not more for a larger size quilt. Still haven't decided on that whole size thing yet.

More stuff, but that will have to wait until after a really LATE dinner.


At 12:50 PM, Blogger Lee Anne said...

Don't know how I missed thi spost earlier but those are the coolest sodas I have ever seen! Now I am heading to Target to see if ours has them as well. I am also a big Halloween freak and probably have just as many Halloween deoctrations as I do Christmas ones. Kind of scary I know but it's true none the less. You find the coolest stuff!


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