Decision Day.

So Dan and I met this awesome couple this weekend - Lisa and Mark. Mark is in Dan's project group and is doing the music for the video game they're making. Mark and Lisa are looking for a home for their adorable puppy, Atari (yes--the guys Dan works with are that addicted to video games that they name their pets after them. Vic and Christy's dog is named Koopa after Super Mario Bros. I'm surprised our pets got normal names at this point.). Atari looks like a black lab, but she's tiny. Like up to my knees tiny. And she's got itty bitty little feets, so we don't think she's going to get much bigger. I really want a dog to go do outdoorsy things with, but at the same time I feel really worn out after school/work somedays. And Dan doesn't want to have anything to do with the dog care-wise... so it would be my dog. Lisa brought Atari over last night and she hung out with us for a bit. She's super quiet, loves people, knows 'sit' for the most part, is crate trained and Lisa got her housebroken in just a week! It's unbelievable how wonderful this dog is. I'm just torn because I don't want to be a bad puppy mommy and have poor little Atari pouting while I'm in class and I want to help Lisa and Mark out. If we take Atari then they can come and see her and Atari will still get to play with Koopa from across the street.

Any suggestions? I have to call Lisa tonight and let her know... :
This is for Lee Anne: more Jones Halloween sodas!


At 8:24 PM, Blogger Lee Anne said...

Oh my...what a decision! A puppy is A LOT of work. But after the first few years it is easier. With that being said I am so happy we found Indy. My hubby travels so I am the one who does all the puppy taking care of and training. I would do it all over again if that helps. He is such a joy and even with me going back to work he is adjusting well. I just come home at lunch and play with him for about 45 minutes and he does well for about 4 hours at a time right now (he is 4 months). Let me know what you end up doing.

And thanks for the link...that was WAY cool! I need to remember to look at Target next time I go!


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