No, not spit. Or wives. ;) Mary, just wanted to let ya know that I'm sending your Denyse Schmidt book out today! Since I was a whiney slacker yesterday I didn't get my butt to the post office, but ye olde butt shall be in gear today.

Somehow have to sneak out and get Dan birthday cake before class... but he wants to go out to lunch. Doh. Must figure out a way to ditch him without making him feel ditched... now how to do that? Think think think. I already got on his nerves by joking that he's officially pushin' 30 now (he's hit the big 2-5 today). Maybe he'll decide he's had enough of my shenanigans and go to campus early to teach his class.

Haven't heard anything about Ben yet. They said they start calling people at 7am daily and letting them know about their pets, so hopefully soon. It's slightly after 11am, so I'm getting a bit antsy. Dan says they didn't call him either. Poo.

P.S. -- Got my walking foot! Yay! Hopefully some quilting will take place this afternoon.


At 9:09 PM, Blogger gina said...

I can't wait to see it. Hooray!

It's such small internet world... I'm Mary's SYNO knitter!


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