Crafty Giftiness

Thanks for all the nice comments on the BT2 bag! I appreciated them. If anybody else has made one or is finishes one in the future, let me know. It would be cool to see pics of some other bags. Right now I'm trying to decide how many more to make and give as gifts. The grand plan for the holidays this year is to make as many things as possible. So here are the crafty choices:

1) something Amy Butler (Weekender Bag, Covington Bag, or Midwest Mod Pillows)
2) lap quilt (very few of these... the piecing goes fast, but it takes me forever to get them quilted)
3) handwoven thingy (scarf, shawl, rug, or possibly a throw if there's time)
4) handknitted thingy (gloves, scarf, bag, shawl)
5) misc. crafty thing

And if you'll hate what I make or I don't have enough time to finish everything, you'll get something bought instead. It seems reasonable, right? I know I'll have to buy something for my dad, kid brother extraordinaire (who's really not a kid anymore - he's 21), the in-laws, and a cousin of the male persuasion. A couple of people have actually asked for a crafty gift, preferably woven. So I think I have to go yarn shopping (cry me a river, I know...) ;)

Maybe I'll post a stash picture later this weekend. It's not a huge as some people's but it's organized into bins and takes up the top of my husband's closet... my loom takes up the rest of it. Poor guy! I'm so lucky he'd rather have his stuff folded up in a dresser than hang up his clothes. It's probably more like he'd rather have all the yarn and fabric out of sight than laying all over the living room floor. Hmm... note to self: get him a really good present. :)

On tap for the weekend:
-Finish Gina's VV scarf and mail by Monday.
-Go buy yarn to weave stuff. And try not to jump up and down too much at the cash register whilst paying.
-Find the most sincere pumpkin patch and purchase several of its offspring. Then chop them open and suck out their brains.
-Finish GIS tutorials and work on the lab that's due next week.


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