So I have this project to do for my GIS class... thinking about doing it on Bloomington cemeteries and how their "landscape" changes over time. Now I need to get a little research assistant to help me GPS headstones and write down the year of demise. And do this several hundred times to cover the entire cemetery. And to not mess it up/forget stuff/lose data. But first I have to run it past my teacher (who is barely done with his Master's degree himself) because I forgot to do that last week.

Looked up the digital camera's wait time on the Canon website. It says they mailed it back today via 2-day FedEx! YAY! Probably still won't get it until Monday though.


At 6:43 PM, Blogger amandamonkey said...

I love that idea! Depending on what kind of GPS unit you use, you may be able to program in some kind of database sheet - then everything could just be dumped into an x-y-year file.


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