First of all, thank you for the nice comments about the City Shawl! They were very sweet and encouraging. I took the finished product home to show my relatives over the holiday and they have put their "orders" in... so. much. knitting. to do. Hehe

So. Not dead, just swamped... I have two sizeable project presentations Wednesday, three papers due tomorrow, and one ginormous chemistry problem set to put a dent in before the weekend. And I got a new job! It's in a lab on campus that studies bird calls, so I get to go in and feed the birdies and play with them. Ok , so they don't really like to be played with. They're not bad though. I'm all official with my key to the building and my swipey card. It's a neat job because as an undergrad anthro major we had to take linguistic anthro and learn about how animals perceive/teach/learn their languages. In a way my education is coming full circle and I'm learning to apply it to research. The idea is that I can work my way up a hopefully get to help out with experiments after a while. It's pretty easy right now and the people in the lab are all my age and very nice.

Should be lotsa craftiness to post later in the week (Thurs/Fri). I knocked out some flannel pants for Dan and then went on a shopping spree while we went back home to visit. And I have a wreath on the door that I made. So pictures and details later! Hope everybody had a great holiday. :)


At 1:02 PM, Anonymous dixie said...

glad you are back! Good luck with school.


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