Can you hear me now?

Today I facilitated a video teleconference for my capstone class. The whole thing scared me to death, but about half way through it everything got more comfortable. There was a whole lot of "Is this thing on?" and "Can you see us?" back and forth, but we tried as hard as we could to make it work out. I don't think we were as productive as we could have been, but it was a start. It was a good effort and a learning experience if there ever was one (can you say 'trial by fire'?) ;) Got to bust out a new suit, though. So it was worth it.
Kiri, 2006 Corporate Edition. ;)

I went ahead and registered for the arts and crafts fair in March and have started gathering ideas about what to make. I can't start anything until I get this overdue sock finished and it's been a looong week at school (two exams, teleconference, meetings, planning classes for the summer so I can get outta grad school after 3 years, job interviews), so hopefully next week there will be time to get cracking and put a serious dent in the whole merchandise creation thing.

On a side note, this is what my week has reduced me to creating:
Skittlebrau, people. Being the daughter-in-law of an engineer, I had to go out and make my own. The verdict: Do it with regular Skittles, not those gross new Smoothie Mix things. Maybe even Sour Skittles would be okay, who knows. Skittlebrau... Good times.


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