Bad Kitty.

Check it out...

Deceivingly cute cat:

Carnage suffered by brand new bag of cat food at the hands (paws?) of deceivingly cute cat:

That's right. He ripped it open while we were out for dinner and decided to cram his head in and chow down. This bag is something like 15 or 20 lbs. of cat food - mega size to tiny Siamese cats. If he wasn't so darn cute we would have figured out a some kind of punishment. Instead we picked him up, looked at him and caved in. You can tell he was like, "Hehehe... Now I know I've got you wrapped around my whiskers and more destruction will follow!" Surprisingly, this is chewing incident #2... the first one involved the spine of one of my brand new yoga books. Let's just say it has a gaping hole in it, too.

So this is a large post today. And the good news is that there's some crafty business to display. :) First, cathedral windows square pillow with some snazzy brightly colored Amy Butler fabric:

Second, a four-patch pillow that has some chenilled silk going on.
I got a ton of dupioni silk in Chicago a couple of years ago and have been using it sparingly here and there. Somewhere I found an article about how to do the whole sewing and slicing and dicing of the fabric to make it fuzzy on the edges and decided to try it out with the silk. It looks kind of neat. Here's a few closeups of the edges. They're quite colorful.

And that's all she wrote.


At 5:54 AM, Blogger OkeyPlus said...

What did 50 Cent say to his grandmother when he saw her making socks for him?
"Gee, you knit!"


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