In Pursuit of a Good Facebook Picture

Everybody who sees my Facebook profile must think I'm a seal point Siamese cat who somehow managed to get into college. I had to improvise, though... I don't have a single stinking picture of myself in the last 2 years. The most recent one is from senior year of college (2004--eep!) and it's part of the drunken horseback riding series. Okay, so we weren't intoxicated, but we were super giggly and being really goofy at the time, so we might as well have been. Anyhow, no head shot to speak of unless you want one end or the other of a horse in it with my eyes peeking over the top. :)

Until tonight! I thought I'd put Dan boy to work and make him take a cute picture. So I put the new kitten on my head:
At which time cutie-patootie little Mountain Meezer sinks his tiny needle claws into my brain. He then peers down over my forehead at me with this look like, "Mama, you didn't need that anyhow... geesh."

So we attempt to detach kitten from the brain tissue, re-pose him, and end up with this:

Much better! And no more holes in my head.

In craftier news, still plugging away on the leg of my Dublin Bay sock #1. It's a neat pattern. Lacey, but not too frou-frou. I think it'll be nice when it's done. Perhaps another pair in a solid color will magically appear, too.


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