Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

Baby announcement:
Buby yet-to-be-named. Only part Meezer, but seal point like his big brother.

With Ben's arm for scale :)

The good news is that they get along great and Ben's already teaching him life skills, like how to scratch the cardboard hunk (Alpine Cat Scratcher) instead of mommy's furniture, business suits, and drapes! SCORE. Gooooood kitty.

Name suggestions? We still don't have one for this little fella. And I hate to keep calling him "it" for much longer.

This brings me to other (still non-crafty) news: new kitty-kins is Dan's reward for getting his first full-time job out of grad school! Yes, that's right. The boy is gainfully employed at a local design company, meaning we don't need a second car and I get to keep my itty bitty car all to myself. Yippee! (Hey, I'll share anything but my car. Long story involving kid brother, keg stains, and wet dog smell one summer night... So now I don't share ma belle voiture anymore.)

Hopefully some craftiness in a week or so. Working on Dublin Bay socks right now!


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