I don't know which is worse... Getting my wisdom teeth out yesterday or that repetitive "whoosh" noise that Dan's new Wii is making while I have to lay around doped up on happy pills. One the up side, we played Wii bowling last night because it requires very little movement and it was pretty fun. Or maybe it was just fun because I'm easily entertained right now. Dunno. Either way, Wii = good times.

So the tooth thing didn't go so swell. They only got 3 out, hit a nerve on the bottom of my jaw, had to stop, and didn't even give me my teeth back in a container! Some of my friends said they got theirs back in a little plastic jar, so I went into this thinking I'd get mine to jiggle at people like some morbid souvenir. After all, I've been cultivating those suckers for 25 years now. But NOOOO. No teeth in a jar for Kiri. Yep, I'm a little bitter. Swollen face and bupkis to show for it. ;) Well, gotta go ice my head now.


April Showers...

Bring May birthdays. Mine was this past Tuesday (15th - bad things happen on the ides, you know). So I'm officially pushing 30 now. That's right, I'm 25! :) So, what've we been doing lately... let's see.

There's this:

It won 2nd place at the show a couple weeks ago. 1966 Austin Mini pickup truck, right hand drive, manual transmission, royal pain to drive on cold mornings (just ask Dan). Dan's parents took their Metropolitan and we rode to the show in this. Then Dan took my mom for a spin around the neighborhood. Look at this happy little face (to the right):

Such a happy mama.

And these that I made in jewelry class. They're carnelians bezel set and mounted on sterling silver. There's a hole in the back of each stone to let the light shine through. And yes, they're a little uneven. They are handmade, after all! And I'm not so good yet either. Beer cap for scale (yeah, we're classy up in this blog).
And then this HUGE copper cuff that I beat on with some chicken wire and a hammer for over an hour to get this pattern. About 3 1/2" wide. It's not pickled at all so that the pretty swirly colors stay. There's some purple and blue to it. Jewelry class starts up again in a couple more weeks, so I have some time to come up with new ideas. It'll be fun! Twice a week for 5 weeks now. So we actually get 2 extra classes for the same price.

Ma's been making some neat stuff, too. Just haven't gotten a chance to take pictures of her stuff yet. She's made a bunch of nice silver rings and stamped words on them.

I was trying to transfer to IUSB and finish my Master's... but that's not happening now. They have had unknown problems processing my transfer, which means I went to class and did homework all week for nothing. SO. MAD. Really, really wanted to get into this GIS class because they normally only offer it at IU Bloomington's campus under another course number. That would mean I can take it again for credit here, since I already took it last year. Wish they would at least tell me what the problem was. I know it didn't look great that I dropped out and moved last year, but still. You'd think they'd want my money at least.

Oh, got the car back! 2 months and $13,000 later.... geesh. Anyhow, it's in one piece for the most part. They still have to fix some things that are minor. Missing bolts, missing plugs.

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