I don't know which is worse... Getting my wisdom teeth out yesterday or that repetitive "whoosh" noise that Dan's new Wii is making while I have to lay around doped up on happy pills. One the up side, we played Wii bowling last night because it requires very little movement and it was pretty fun. Or maybe it was just fun because I'm easily entertained right now. Dunno. Either way, Wii = good times.

So the tooth thing didn't go so swell. They only got 3 out, hit a nerve on the bottom of my jaw, had to stop, and didn't even give me my teeth back in a container! Some of my friends said they got theirs back in a little plastic jar, so I went into this thinking I'd get mine to jiggle at people like some morbid souvenir. After all, I've been cultivating those suckers for 25 years now. But NOOOO. No teeth in a jar for Kiri. Yep, I'm a little bitter. Swollen face and bupkis to show for it. ;) Well, gotta go ice my head now.


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