Started making something with that Disco Lights!

Bic pen for scale. Think I'll probably try to make 2 scarves as presents. Unless something else that uses 1 skein of TT presents itself. I decided I was SO not gonna spend big bucks on the rest of the yarn I'd need to make a whole sweater out of this stuff. Even though it would be really pretty.

Obligatory yarn closeup:

Oh, look what my mom and I learned how to do this week! It's not yarn-related, so brace yourselves ;) :

We started our jewelry making class on Tuesday night. Everybody made rings. This one is sterling silver, put through a press with a piece of old window screen so that it looks like snake skin. It's got some firescale on it, but that's the only way you can see the pattern really... otherwise I'd have to figure out how to put patina on it and that's just too much to learn right now. So firescale stays! But do I give this to Jason or Dan? Decisions... Class is gonna be fun, but I'll be dragging the next morning at work -- we have to be in the studio Tuesday nights from 6:30 - 9:30 pm. Anyhow, hurray for torches and molten metal!

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