Blue Pull Tab Hat

Okay, here it is. The hat I slaved over on Superbowl Sunday and worked on during my lunch hour the last couple days. It was about to become a UFO, but finally got finished on Friday. The bulk of the pattern is based on the Jayne Beanie (link to PDF) and then after 3+" of ribbing I switched to stockinette in the round. Then I evenly decreased 14 stitches per round and knitted in a little tab at the top for it to hang from (not much closet or shelf space in this new apartment, lemme tell ya...). So it has a nice place on a thumb tack in the closet until I figure out who to give it to.

The yarn was handspun from a fabulous craftster! I'm still making good use of that yarn from the handspun swap this summer. This one has lots of blues, some green and a bit of pink. Perfect for Project Spectrum, right?

And here is the obligatory meezer oral hygiene picture:

Beeble doesn't like getting his teeth brushed. Not even with his Barbie toothbrush and chicken flavored toothpaste. Ben doesn't mind as much, though.

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At 10:48 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Aw...the kitty doesn't like his teeth brushed? Too bad it's so cute.
Okay. South Bend restaurants. Are you ready for this?
Casa del Rio - Edison and 23
Tuesday is Taco Tuesday - tacos and domestic beers are $1. Wed. and Sun. are half priced margarita days.
Polito's Pizza - Grape Road in Mishawaka north of Edison by a few blocks
The house dressing is fantastic, and so are the breadsticks. Order anything with the vodka sauce. In fact, buy the vodka sauce and take it home (they sell it that way)
Parisi's - 23 just south of Edison. Slightly more upscale, nice view. Often has live music in the evenings. Get the baked brie appetizer.
Fiddler's Hearth - downtown South Bend (whatever that main street is...Michigan?) Irish pub, very traditional. Sunday is an Irish brunch buffet. Often has live Irish music.
Madison Oyster Company - right next to Fiddler's Hearth. Trendier bar, full menu. Hookahs, if you're inclined to smoke.
Michawaka Brewing Co. - Main St. in Michiwaka, just south of Edison. Microbrewery, American food.
Nick's Patio - Ironwood just south of 23. Greasy spoon, open 24 hrs. Surprisingly good food, but the best part is that it's open 24 hrs.
Atlantis - 20 in Michiwaka near Main St. Greek food, sometimes has free Saganaki appetizer.
Mikado - 933 near Cleveland - Japanese place. Nice ambiance, teppan yeki available. Great edamame.
I hear good things about that mediterranean place on 933, but I never managed to make it. They're open very weird hours, and often close to go on vacation.
Sit and Knit - Michigan in downtown South Bend. If you don't know about this already, it's a yarn cafe. No food, but free hot drinks. The owners are overly helpful. And yarn of course, though I can't say I love their selection. Hit up a good sale, and good things can happen. There's a nice little sandwhich joint right across the street, but I don't remember the name.

I'm sure you know about the Vine, Le Peep, and LaSalle Grill. Those were always out of my price range though. There are a million chain restaurants in the Grape Road area of Mishawaka, but I like the privately owned places.
Happy eating.
(And I assume you've found all the yarn stores)

At 6:14 PM, Blogger Jo said...

Do they actually make chicken flavoured toothpaste or is that something you put together? Your hat is very cute!

At 12:24 PM, Anonymous taylhis said...

What led me to your page is the word Saganaki - I love the stuff. I'm from OH and we meet my mom who lives in Chicago half-way in South Bend to exchange my kids. We meet at Wendys usually, but my husband and I found a restaurant just to the north of wendys off the toll road exit that has saganaki. Since you're a native, do you know the name of the restaurant so I can tell my mom that we want to meet there? And I have been to the Greek place right around there with the weird hours - it was very good. I liked what I saw of your blog too... though the page loaded up VERY slowly... you might want to switch to my blog provider - I love blogging and do it every day, and I really recommend them! It's free to sign up and you can make money on your keywords, check it out: http://tangents.org/wp-signup.php
and let me know the name of that restaurant if you know it!


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