Ode to the Postman (Spinning Swap Buddy DO NOT LOOK!!)

This was an exceptionally good mail week for me! Not only did I get my spinning gear, some yarn off eBay and a stack of cool new cookbooks from a relative, but a package from my friend Vlad appeared. (Thanks, Vlad! That was really awesome... expect something in your mailbox in a week or so.) Long story short, Vlad and I practically have the same birthday and he sent me some crafty buttons and a new CD as a present. I know exactly what I'm sending in return, I just hafta get it finished. Anyway, here are the buttons joining some other ones on my bag:

Yay for buttony goodness :) In addition to getting good stuff in the mail, I had some sending out to do... stitch markers for one swap and three skeins of handspun yarn for the other. I didn't get pics of the stitch markers, but here's the yarn:

L to R - Corespun Mohair, Handyed Merino, and 2-ply Coopworth/Corriedale blend.
Here's a closeup of the merino... it was my favorite. The colors rocked.

I hope my swap buddy likes them. Usually I'm too worried that my spinning is bad to let anybody else have some yarn,so this was a real challenge for me. Eeek! Cross your fingers.


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