Like a Bad Flip Book

Or: "What I did on my Summer Vacation Part I"

Dan and I just had to get this inflatable sea dragon for my dad's birthday/Father's Day present. We found it at Kroger and waited... until it was a mere $2, then we gleefully took it the checkout and dragged it home. Okay, so maybe a bit too gleefully. But it was just one of these deals you can't pass up. Last week we went to visit the parents finally and showed up baring our inflatable sea dragon. To celebrate the 4th of July, t'was decided that we should blow up the dragon and go play in the pool. And when they said 'we' should blow it up they meant 'me':
And here's what it looked like floating around on its maiden voyage:
And now on to the flip book of doom:

"I have an idea!"

"Climb on here, John!"

"Oh, yay, what fun! Happy Birthday to me!!!"
(omit this one and it'll look more like a flipbook)

"Hang on and I'll push you..."



"Hehehe... now that's entertainment!"



At 10:01 PM, Anonymous ryan myers said...

Hi Kiri,

I miss you, hope everything is going well.

-Ryan Myers


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