Supplies + Abode = Seriously too many pictures.

Two mailbox suprises today: 1) we got our deposit refund from the old apt. AND 2) I got spinning fibers from Hello Yarn (with some cool freebies).

No pictures of the refund check though... it was quite a pittance after all that waiting.

Okay, this is mostly for my family and friends who might actually want to know what our new place looks like... but you got your crafty fix earlier, so it's okay, right???

So we take a little picture of the living room...

And we turn around and take a quick one of Dan in The Corner Ye Shall Not Speak Of (full o' fabric and a loom),

Then rotate and take a picture of the kitchen,

And wander over and take one of the bedroom,

Then mosey on into the bathroom and drool at the glorious tub. This is where I hide out and peruse knitting supplies whilst trying not to dunk Dan's laptop. Shh, don't tell...

And before anybody flips out and talks about how much furniture there is for two poor graduate students: it's all pretty much hand-me-down stuff from my mom's house. It's nice to have a mom who likes to rotate her furniture out every once in a while :)


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