Photo Medley and Other Mischief

This showed up at my house today.

Finally! I was waiting and waiting... Not to mention using some string and an elastic hair tie as a brake. Now I have a double treadle kit to add and some replacement parts for the brake cable.

I've also been busy doing a little of this:

Dying my mom's unwanted antique linens that she sent down to us. So far we've got purple (what else? my favorite color :) ), kind of an aubergine color, and this scarlet red that unfortunately faded to a deep reddish orange. Think I'll try to fix the red because it was SO pretty until I rinsed the napkins out. Also wanna try some yellow or a dreamsicle orange color.

Been sewing, too. I found a bunch of holiday fabric at the store - Halloween, Turkey Day, X-mas - and they're all going to become aprons. Here's a look:

And a closeup of the fabric. Witchin', no?

And last weekend's great car caper... we scraped the roof liner out of the Studebaker. Well, Dan scraped and I used the awesome orbital sander his dad bought us for our anniversary. It ROCKS. I think it's my new best friend, despite the fact it made me look like this:

Scary. No makeup, bad camera angle, covered in 54 yr old roof liner adhesive and who knows how much mold. Nas-Tee. It took half a bottle of dish soap to get that crap off of my skin and out of my hair. Next time I'll opt for the do rag. Possibly even a turtle neck. ;)


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