(House) Inspector (and his) Gadget(s)

Our house passed inspection this time with flying colors! No active termites, no dead animals, no urns filled with the ashes of the previous owner, no suspicious dried puddles on the carpet next to a ratty recliner that looked like the previous owner died in it and melted to the floor...

YES, it was that bad at other houses we looked at. I'm sure our dear, sweet realtor was probably about to kill us after the one with the urn on the kitchen table... which was right before the old Victorian number from 1890 that had been abandoned for 25+ years, had stacks of mail from 1984 all the way up the staircase, along with peeling lead paint on the walls. Oh, and a 25 year old article about a murder laying on a table in one of the bedrooms (but there was spectacular woodwork, I tell you! har har). We are so lucky that she's really incredibly nice and didn't just give us the boot after that one. The first realtor we worked with earlier this year definitely would have.

If you thought I was kidding about the newspaper article, check this out:

Anyhow, if anybody in North Central Indiana needs a home inspector, do ask about the guy we had. He was great - incredibly thorough, explained everything well, squeezed into tiny spaces no normal human should be able to, and answered all the dumb questions I threw at him with a smile. We didn't even mind hiring him twice because he was well worth the money.



Okay, for real this time...

Long story short, THIS is IT. The other house fell through. But that's OK because this one is WAY nicer. 1940 Cape Cod with a detached garage. Finished basement, finished attic, white picket fence and an arbor over the front walkway. Ridiculously. Cute. I seriously can't contain myself. Dan and I have been doing a happy dance all day long.

There is much packing to do. Oh, and much purchasing of bulbs on sale at Meijer. Can't forget that. The neighbors will think they astral projected to Holland there will be so many bulbs in my yard. Mwah ha ha.