Ridin' Around in My Automobile...

Dear mechanic guy:
Please don't take 2 weeks to return my husband's car the next time we bring it in. I mean, I know you and your gearhead buddies liked joyriding in it, despite the fact it had no license plate and no legal registration paperwork... but seriously, you took too freakin' long. I solemnly swear to kick you in the shins the next time that happens.
The Owner of the guy who owns the car <3 <3
And now, on to the car:

That there's a 1961 Studebaker Lark VIII - 4 doors, V8, automatic, engine in decent shape, not too much rust... spiffy! It's Dan's new toy. The interior is mostly restored and the chrome is shiny and still attached. So it just needs some body work and paint, interior door panels, and a new headliner. There's other minor stuff, but it's a cute car. And we can probably handle everything but the paint ourselves, barring any serious problems arising.

We already had one adventure with it. Dan brought it home and was going to take me for a test drive. We got to the stop sign on the corner and the breaks went out... and we were going DOWNHILL. The car is sooo heavy that it literally went from 20 mph to 40+ mph in the blink of an eye. And when it finally stopped we were on a very, very slight incline (it looked flat to me, but the car insisted otherwise), which meant I had to lean on the bumper to keep the car from rolling away while Dan called a tow truck. I've pushed a Jeep before by myself and didn't have a lot of trouble, but this thing was pushing me over. Mucho del suck-o.

We've been kicking around color ideas. Dan has said red or black and I'm thinking black or white (since the original color was white). But black would look really sharp with the interior if we went to a cruise or something. Guess we've got a long way to go before paint, though!