What's new, Puddytat? Whoaaa-oa-oa-oaaa!

That's pretty much the sound she makes ALL. NIGHT. LONG. "Mrow? MROW MROW MROW' (repeat continuously until cat gets distracted by imaginary mice) Not because she's hungry, lonely, or scared. Because she CAN. She lays on the couch and stretches out with her toys and blanky, then proceeds to curl up, look extremely cute, and yowl her ass off.

"Humans! Whoa, hey... you're in there, doing that sleep thing. I know it. I'm out here. I'm holding down this fuzzy zebra blanket and pretend I hunted it down all by myself. If you need me, I'm just gonna keep reminding you that I'm here. On the couch. Being adorable. Right here.... not going anywhere. Yesiree."

When we go out to glare at her or see what's going on, she looks at us and keeps talking.

"What? You know, if you really wanted to sleep you'd take a nap under the couch like I do. Can't see you, can't hear you, don't care what you're doing from under the couch. But you're not under there -- I checked. So you must not really wanna sleep that bad."

Other times we have to go get a drink or grab something out of the living room, so we flick on the lights and go about our beezwax. And we get this:

"Hey hey! Did I ask you to turn on that light? What is this, coastal Maine? We're not a light house, turn that off! And another thing - put on some of that colored fur stuff that you have to change everyday. Pants or a shirt or something. Puh-leez."

So Lucy's very opinionated for a young'un. It's going to be a fun ride, huh?


Fiber Erotica and the Urban Puddytat.

*Beware* . . . YARN PORN . . . It's my first uniform skein after re-adjusting the wheel. Practice helps, huh? ;) Posted by Picasa
I'm feeling better about this spinning thing already. For a while there I was worried that it just wasn't gonna work for me. I mean, I had enough dexterity to learn several musical instruments, but I just could NOT get spinning. Now it atleast resembles yarn and not something a wild animal chewed on! WOO HOO!!!

A puddytat! This is Lucy, our new kitty. She's 2. We get to keep her now, thanks to the miracle of dandruff shampoo.... Posted by Picasa
No kidding. If Dan Boy hadn't dunked her in the tub this morning and scrubbed her down, she would have had to go back to the shelter by lunch time. :( My allergies were THAT nuts. We think she was flea powdered or chemical-ed some other way because she doesn't smell like nail polish remover anymore... tee hee. So now my husband gets to have a kitty and my head won't explode now because she doesn't seem to mind a bath too much. Poor puddytat. All this fuzz came off of her (she wouldn't lick whatever junk they put on her fur) and she's much skinnier now. When we first saw her she looked like a tubby kitty. T'appears that it was just an illusion, however.

So... any suggestions for knitted cat toys? I've been stalking the internet for ideas.


The Red Ribbons - my 4, 5, and 6 yr old Youth Gardeners!!! They're sitting on the porch at the T.C. Steele site. Posted by Picasa

The loom! It's an old Leclerc Artistat, but it gets the job done :) Posted by Picasa

Here is ye olde Ashford Traveller spinning wheel. I love her, she's the coolest!  Posted by Picasa


So we're in the process of unpacking. I can't remember what I put in the boxes that aren't unpacked yet, so I can't find a darn thing... you'd think after 3 yrs of living on campus at IU and moving MINIMUM twice a school year I'd have this down, right? Ugh. WRONG. I suck. But the fundraiser for my internship is finally OVER (we made $5,000!!!) and I can relax for a week or two until my final project is due for class. That means lotsa craftiness, folks! Thank goodness.

Anyhow, the blog was looking quite neglected, so I thought I'd go ahead and post. Last week we took the youth gardeners (campers) to see the T.C. Steele site. It's a really cool garden/museum/historical site that was previously owned by a still life artist and his wife. I thought it would be boring, but it was alot of fun! Since I'm in nesting mode, I happened to notice what color they painted the main house... inside the living room was this really great shade of green, the bedroom was a dusty lilac/rose color, and the dining room was blue. The gardens are amazing and there's even a cemetery and a log cabin on the property. I have some pics, but we're still hunting down the cable for the camera. Yeah, I know... I managed to misplace that, too. Double suck.

Tomorrow is the second day of my spinning class. While I really do need the exercise, I mean spinning on a wheel :) I needed some help with my technique and plying. Luckily, I have found an excellent re-teacher at the LYS. I sat down tonight with some "blobs" of recycled roving from a drop spindle experiment gone awry last year, drafting out instead of back (yay me! I've been having drafting issues mostly. now it's fixed!), and spun myself a lovely single that's purple with yellow flecks. Now to learn correct plying technique tomorrow~ books just don't teach it as well. I learned most of my fiber art skills from a combo of hands-on lessons and books. But spinning is definitely not a book skill for me. :\ Trust me, the drop spindle episode was book learnin' and it wasn't very purdy!

Babble babble... hehe Off to lounge in front of the TV!