FTMFP (First time mom faux pas) #1

Okay, so I learned something from this one. We were going to get Wylie's birth certificate on Wednesday last week. The health dept. that has his file is in the next city over and it was cold that morning. I thought he might need something with long sleeves and long legs that wasn't really thick like fleece, so I grabbed a little onesie deal with arms and legs on it. It even had a cute graphic on it and was the only one that was small enough for him. But once I got his diaper changed and put the outfit on I realized... it looks like an orange prison jumpsuit! Way to go, mom. Niiice one."Take me away! I gotta do hard time for vandalizing the wall by my changing table, man."

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No turning back now.

He's here :) 8/19/09 -- 7 lbs 11 oz, 20 in long.

Almost 3 weeks old and we still can't tell what color his hair and eyes want to be. My brother and I are still holding out hope for a redhead. Or even a reddish head. Somehow we both got variations of red hair when our parents are brunettes... gotta thank Grammy Irene and Grandpa Nielsen, I guess. Biology nerds out there, draft yerselves a good Punnett square for that one.