WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan got a JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's gonna be the webmaster for a local public school district. That only took about 7 months of living in our latest location and several months before we moved, but whatever. What matters now is that I don't have to freak out if I miss a couple of hours of work for an appointment or I'm sick or something. Or obsess about how I can't pay the bills by myself, which has really been a crappy feeling. So thanks to Lori's daughter for passing the job posting along... and to Lori for remembering Dan. ;) Man, I was running around the office jumping up and down like a fool on Friday afternoon when Dan sent me an email about it. I was probably an interesting spectacle to say the least.

So back to yarn. I caught the spinning bug this week and made this:

Sock yarn. 220 yards of it. Can't decide if I want to keep it or put it on Etsy. Color closeup:

And just for pictures sake, here's Dan and the meezers taking their traditional afternoon nap:Yes, they really do lay around like this. A worn out pile of boys flopped on my bed.

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